Musica Semper Viva

Club Tours Agentur, The Czech Republic’s finest organizer of choral tour programs, is pleased to announce the creation of MUSICA SEMPER VIVA, a new and exciting tour opportunity for singers. Club Tours has for many years organized excursions for travelling choral and instrumental ensembles in Central Europe. It is also the organizer of many prestigious music festivals.

The Agency sponsored a very successful program, SING TO THE LORD, which provided an opportunity for singers from Canada to form a choir in Prague, engage in an intensive daily rehearsal schedule, and then travel to outlying communities to sing. Past tours have given performances in Budapest, Salzburg, Vienna, Munich, Berlin, Leipzig, Prague, and a number of smaller communities in the Czech Republic. A joint venture between Club Tours and Canadian Choral Director, Peter Dent, this program terminated at the conclusion of the 2014 Sing to the Lord Tour.

Club Tours President, Michal Svarc, is of the opinion that there is still a market for a program which recruits singers from various communities and creates a positive atmosphere for them to come together, make music, and have a focused holiday. As the sponsoring agency, he has engaged Peter Dent to continue as the music director.

Some of the features of the new venture include:

1) Appeal to a wider demographic, particularly the USA and Europe.
2) Performance of a variety of sacred and secular music, from various regions and in various languages.
3) Collaborations with community choirs in the performance locales.
4) Performances in Churches, Castles, and Concert Halls.
5) A tour of 18-22 Days.
6) Approximately 6 performances.
7) Different arrival and departure cities.




FIRST SEGMENT (June 18th – 28th)

Goin‘ Home – Antonin Dvorak (sung in English)

Missa Brevis – Zdenek Lucas (sung in Latin)

Modlitba – Bedrich Smetena (sung in Czech)

Kovar & Vecer – 2 folk songs by Josef Foerster (sung in Czech)

Spruch – Gideon Klein (sung in German)

My Paddle’s Keen & Bright/Land of the Silver Birch – arr: Dent (sung in English)

Give to Me Your Tired, Your Poor – Irving Berlin (sung in English)

Cockles & Mussels – arr: Gene Puerling (sung in English)

J’Entends Le Moulin – arr: Godfrey Ridout (sung in French)



SECOND SEGMENT (June 26th – July 6th)


3 Hungarian Madrigals – Rezso Sugar (sung in English)

Missa Tertia – Lajos Bardos (sung in Latin)

Hortobagy – Gyorgy Ligeti (sung in Hungarian)

Esti Dal – Zoltan Kodaly (sung in Hungarian)

O How Glorious – Healey Willan (sung in English)

Let Us Break Bread Together – arr: Leslie Bell (sung in English)

Song For the Mira – Allister MacGillivray (sung in English)

Come to the Fair – Easthope Martin (sung in English)

En Passant Par La Lorraine – arr: Dent (sung in French)