3rd Musica Semper Viva 2019!

After a very successful Musica Semper Viva tour this summer (2018), CTA President Michal Svarc has decided to offer the program annually. I was enthusiastic with this decision as the tour from Prague through Austria, Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia was so rewarding. The performances were good, the arrangements first class, and the fellowship wonderful.
Several innovations should be noted in the attached preliminary itinerary. For the first time, the tour will begin in a city other than Prague – several participants in this and past tours recommended this adjustment. Accordingly, we start in Berlin. Many have expressed a wish to begin our tours earlier in the season. So, this one is scheduled to begin on May 31, 2019. The extension tour is to Russia. Originally, we had hoped to make it part of the base tour but the logistics of arranging a trip to Russia create special challenges. However, it is my hope that we can enrol enough singers to perform in some Orthodox churches.
I hope that many of you will register for this tour. Our plan is to keep the program going annually as long as there is interest and support. See you in Berlin in May of 2019.

Peter Dent – Music Director
Musica Semper Viva